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Located in the village of Loriga in the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela, Quinta S. Bartholomeu is essentially a place of rest. A farm that will embrace your heart and soul. With a superb view to the crossroads of hills that extends to the horizon, wrapped well, in the magnitude of the mountain scenery, there is no place closer to the earth. With a pleasant smell and Carum pines, fresh and pure mountain air is always invading us in a kind and subtle way, making us more relaxed and more awake to the true beauty of nature. Far are the day to day bustle of the big city, the constant noise of cars and above all the unknown faces. The Village of Loriga will be in your heart like its friendly inhabitants.

Here you will find tranquility, comfort and relaxation in a natural way. Discover again the time that's running away from you, and the hours dedicated to youself and your loved ones that you so much appreciate.

Farm S. Bartolomeu - Tourism in Loriga - Serra Da Estrela Portugal

In the village of Loriga a slope of Serra da Estrela with altitude of approximately 850 meters you will find a farm that will make you feel at home. With 2 bedrooms, one with double bed and another with 2 single beds, a toilet and a living room / kitchen fully equipped. Also has a fireplace and a salamander on the upper floor. You can also try cooking in a wood oven that is at your disposal ... or simply stroll the farm and enjoy the charms of nature.

You may also know the Village of Loriga, and find all the treasures typical of the region. Press to know more ...

LorigallLoriga is a village and parish in the municipality of Seia, district of Guarda. It has 36.52 km ² of area, 1 367 inhabitants (2005) and population density of 37.51 inhabitants / km ². It has a village annexed called Fontão. Loriga is located 20 km from Seia, Guarda 80km and 320km from Lisbon. The town is accessible by EN 231 and EN338, road completed in 2006, following a pre-existing track, with a route of 9.2 km of mountain landscapes, from the quota 960m (Portela of Aaron) and 1650m at the Long Lake. Come visit Loriga.

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Natural Park Of Serra da EstrelaLocated in the Serra da Estrela, Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela covers a significant part of this mountain, which is the highest in continental Portugal (1993 m). In the center interior of Portugal, in the districts of Guarda and Castelo Branco. Marked by solid rock of granite, schist and xistograuvaquicos and traces of ancient glaciers, high altitude and the location of the natural park make it one of the country with more relevant rain precipitation. With natural values, including some unique species of flora in the country, the fauna there is the wolf (Canis lupus), the wild boar, otter and the fox (Vulpes vulpes). The park has hiking trackv marked.

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